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Effect of Music

Music is one of the categories that are difficult to explain or fully understand.  However, none of us can deny that it has a tremendous impact in our lives.  No matter which type of music you prefer or reject, music does impact us in more ways than most of us realize indirectly.  While many of us would agree that we listen to various types of music ranging from slightly different to extremely different depending on what we ‘feel like at that moment.  We also cannot minimize its effect on molding our character, thought process, responses, attitudes and behaviors. (watch the video for more info)

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The Need for Global System Corrections

The entire system is upside down and downside up. There are usually ‘good reasons’ to structure things a certain way, but do they make sense or are they sustainable?

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Affordability and the Future

Housing has been the economic setter around the world.  However, has COVID-19 helped you evaluate what is working with your choices and lifestyle?  Let us take a closer look at areas in your life in relation to this Global Pandemic.  How is the market today in general?  What is going on regarding interest rate, housing, stock market, employment?  How are you interpreting this outcome?  My evaluation of the market activities.  Do you know what is the current U.S. National Debt? (watch the video for more info)