Some nice words from our clients. The funds are strictly designed to help single-family homeowners retrofit their residences for safety purposes.
I would unequivocally recommend Alisha’s services to anyone contemplating a real estate transaction. Alisha possesses a well-rounded skill set: a strategic thinker with a great sense of the macroeconomic environment and its connection to your specific real estate transaction; an outstanding communicator that ensures you are well-versed in the real estate process you are about to undertake; and a very strong operational aptitude as evidenced by Alisha and her team’s ability to efficiently execute the processing of documentation while maintaining strict attention to the details of the transaction. Above all else, Alisha conducts herself with the utmost level of professionalism. In Alisha, you have a true partner that will deploy her skills and vast experience to provide you peace of mind throughout this all important process. ~De Casas
Alisha, Well-Rounded Skill Set
Alisha, as well as her fantastic assistant, Lydia, made the process of selling my family’s home a very efficient experience. Her knowledge and guidance helped with a speedy sale. The house sold over the asking price. Every detail and question was answered either by Alisha or Lydia in a professional manner. Thank you, Alisha and Lydia, for all your help in expediting the close of escrow on time. It was a pleasure to work with both of you! Many blessings to you – The Guntners
Professional, Knowledgeable Team
I purchase home two times with Alisha & Cornerstone Team. 1st experience- my mom wanted to purchase a house with me with a limited budget in 2008, and she likes luxury. None of our previous agents could satisfy her high standards on a limited budget. We come up to Alisha, and she finally get a bank owned townhome with all upgrading that she requested from bank. It was a pretty new townhome with a huge island in the kitchen. We do not need to pay closing cost. With her help, it minimize my headache as my mom was satisfied. Not to mention, my mom earn $140,000 when we sold the house. 2nd experience- Overwhelming touched and blessed by Cornerstone Team I sold my house in 2013, and gave to my mom as I am married. My husband and I never think we could have a new home sooner. By grace, we have a little chance with little down payment. Since my husband job is less than two years. It is really difficult to get a decent house (we want a house, not condos with HOA or high property/melrose tax). It was really difficult to compete with other offers. With the help of Alisha, we finally get a house offer accept, which meet all our wants. She negotiated with the seller and come up the best packages for us. She is not just professional, but with passion, mighty, details. She even observe the little things which could be potential good or bad for us during counter offers stage. On top of it, she is fair, full integrity to both party. Also, my husband has less than two years work experience. The loan procedures are really frustrating and not easy. Most likely, we would need to pay extra insurance on top of mortgage, because of the limited down payment. We were kind of let down and frustrated. However, Alisha is always positive, she spend extra times to write letter for us to loan bank. She told us she will not give up our case. All we need just do our part, pray, and rest of the result leave to God. We learn how to face challenges positive by her. With Cornerstone team help. It makes us more easy. It is really like a one stop solution for house purchasing. Last but not least, the Cornerstone team is a strong team led by Alisha. They are not just professional, personal, caring, they are walking testimonies in Christ. It is a pleasant procedure of house hunting. You feel like you are not alone, and you could learn things from them. They are open, direct and honest.   We got our key last weekend. Yeah! We also got a very precious gift from Cornerstone team. May you guys keep shining in the real estate field. May God bless and protect your team to have a merge heart in Him and keep doing good work for Him. ~Kwok
Steadfast Agent
Alish’s service is really awesome! I never thought I could have a house in S. Cal. and God leads us to find Alisha Chen as our agent. Last Saturday, I and my wife got our first house key from Alisha. Our case is not a big case, but Alisha treated us as her VIP customers. More than help us to get a house, she also showed us as a Christian how to rely on God and let God be in charge of everything. During transaction, we had some difficulties, frustration and unsure things. We prayed and Alisha prayed for us also. Especially in the loan procedure, Alisha helped me to write explanation letters to lender and pray a lot for us. In my situation, due to my working history is less than 2 years, so I try to get a home loan this is almost impossible. However, at the end, it’s happened!! Alisha told me that things happened by God’s grace, she just tried her best to help us. Praise God Almighty and send an awesome agent for us. May God keep blessing Alisha and using her in His kingdom. Thank very much, Alisha! You are the best! ~Charles
Amazing Agent with Preserverance!
Alisha was a gem to work with. She had the ability to expose our home internationally especially in Southeast Asia. From the beginning, Alisha worked hard to make our house more attractive to potential buyers. We already had a model-like home but Alisha added her colorful touches so our house stood out when viewed on the internet. She also videotaped our home & posted it on several TV channels. Alisha was always available to address any concerns in spite of her very busy schedule & when she is tied up, her very capable & helpful assistant Lydia was readily available. Alisha is an experienced broker & is CEO of her own real estate firm so we benefit from multiple agents selling our home. All in all, Alisha made the process very easy for us. After we accepted an offer, She kept on top of the process to make sure that escrow closed timely. We appreciate her dedication to us, her expertise & her ability to resolve issues. ~Zung
Alisha, International Realtor!!!
Alisha Chen embodies real estate/financial savvy, integrity and professionalism!!! Alisha is the last real estate agent we will contract for the duration of our lives. We hired Alisha to sell our home – she not only helped us stage the home and used a wide array of marketing strategies, but also guided us to attain the maximum market value possible in a challenging housing market. Alisha also helped us find a new home and aggressively negotiated a fantastic price with the builder. We didn’t realize it was possible to negotiate the price of a new construction home!! With no exaggeration, Alisha is the BEST real estate agent you will ever find. She is truly a blessing! ~Tarek
Alisha, Savvy, Integrity, Professional!
Alisha Chen is a well seasoned genuine professional who’s very conservative and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with people. In life, especially in the world of real estate, any road block or unexpected twist of fate can occur that may or may not impact the goals of the seller, buyer, and agent. With Alisha, she’s definitely a prime example of one that maintains sound business/personal ethics even when push comes to shove and ANY type of adversity has been introduced to the equation. As soon as she listed our house, not only was she able to generate a TON of traffic (by her methodical “staging” approach), but it also sold within less than a week! In parallel (and to this day), she’s very accessible and punctual despite her real busy schedule. She definitely made me feel like I was her ONLY client (her services are that good)! In short, if what you’re looking for is professionalism, integrity, honesty, somebody that’s personable, well educated, strategic, and one that plain and simple delivers results…I strongly encourage you to give yourself a chance to at least get to know Alisha Chen (then you decide). She’s definitely an individual that my wife and I see ourselves sustaining a business/personal relationship with as we grow older. A very satisfied client of hers (now, and years to come), Anthony and Star!
Topnotch Knowledge & Service!
My husband and I wanted to sell our smaller home and get a larger home. Alisha staged our home beautifully and got it sold at a good price and very quickly. Many of the homes in my neighborhood were on the market for many months, so we were concerned about that. Alisha provided us a selling plan that we adhered to exactly and our home was the fastest selling in the neighborhood. While selling our home, Alisha also has a loan license & helped us obtain an strong loan approval letter to increase our chances to purchase a great home. At first, we wondered why we needed to provide so many more documents than other loan officers before we enter into escrow. We found a home we really loved, however, there were multiple offers already on this home. Alisha did such a thorough job on our loan approval that the Seller accepted our offer. We were the only buyer able to close escrow within 21 days. Alisha had appraisal & inspection ordered within 3 days, everything was on schedule. We were amazed about the entire selling & purchase process. Alisha was on top of everything, she kept us informed every step of the way. Most of all, Alisha sought our best interest, which was extremely important to us. Alisha sold our home at higher than listed price and purchased a larger home much less than we’ve anticipated! It is so convenient to have a broker who is so knowledgeable on all aspect of real estate, from selling, buying & loan. I will definitely recommend Alisha to my family & friends. ~Judy L.
Staging, Knowledge, Honest…All in One!